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Membership Benefits

Art Club Available to PebbleCreek Residents

This Art Club is exclusively available for residents of PebbleCreek Active Adult Community in Goodyear, AZ.  

Discounted Registration Fees for Educational Art Classes

Be the first to know about and get discounted registration fees for art classes organized and sponsored by the Art Club.  

Eligibility to Display and Sell Art

You will be eligible to display and sell art through the Coyote Room large display windows (is subject to an HOA surcharge).

Eligibility to Participate in Annual Art Shows

Art Club Members are eligible to participate in the Art Club's exclusive art shows that are held annually. 

Educational Art Related Field Trips

Eligible for periodic, well-planned trips to various art related destinations with other members.  Transportation is via member volunteers.

Eligibility for Artist of the Month Award

Each month, a member is chosen to display their work in high traffic areas based on their skills and participation in the club.

Attend Art Club Meetings

Eligible and encouraged to attend the Art Club Meetings where there are monthly educational sessions and notification of upcoming club events.

Access to Club Website and Club Emails

Join the Club online and register for classes online. Receive timely emails and newsletters about upcoming classes and events. See photos and news about the club. See contact information for members. 

Access to Art Supplies

There are some art supplies for sale at discounted prices or free available in the Coyote Room

Use of Equipment in Coyote Room

As a member, the following equipment is available:
  1.   Book & Video Library (can be checked out)
  2.   Point-Driver Gun for Framing (can be checked out)
  3.   Icarus Board (for use in Coyote Room)
  4.   *Mat Cutter (for use in Coyote Room)
5.   Projectors (3) available to project image onto surface for tracing (for use in Coyote Room)
6.   Easels (for use in Coyote Room & reserve for art shows)
7.   Easel Lights (reserve for art shows)
8.   Spotlights (reserve for art shows)

*Mat cutter is available for use only after training.  Hilary Fiscus, and Mary Dohmeier, have agreed to train members in its use. Please contact one of them to make arrangements.

Mentorship Partners

Each new member may request to have a mentor from the art club membership.

Invitation to annual Christmas Luncheon

Great annual social event!

Member Camaraderie of Like-Minded Artists!

The club is only as good as the members who volunteer and get involved!  Please join us!